Bertie Ahern: ‘Gerry Adams Saying He Was Not In The IRA Is Like Me Saying I Didn’t Ruin The Country’


Bertie Ahern

IN his explosive return to the political arena this weekend, former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has asserted Gerry Adams continual denial of IRA membership as almost as dishonest as his own denials.

In the first of two exclusive interviews with the Sunday Whispers, Ahern yesterday proclaimed his desire to get back into the political scene and in doing so has ruffled more than a few feathers.

Sitting in the surroundings of a Drumcondra pub, Bertie regaled this reporter with stories of the good times, pausing every so often to allow a tear fall from his face. He would later admit the tears were for everyone going through hard times.

On the subject on Adams denials of IRA membership Bertie was his usual honest self: “Gerry Adams saying he was not in the IRA is like me saying I didn’t ruin the country, I mean come on there are some things you just can’t deny”

On the subject of sleepwalking into a devastating economic crisis Bertie was his usual dishonest, self: “When I said it was like me saying I didn’t ruin the country I was of course attempting a lighthearted joke. As everyone knows I went round every house in the country and placed several thousand euro through everyone’s letter-box”.

On picking Brian Cowen as his successor: “He was the natural successor – thick as shite and fond of a drink. The perfect scapegoat and I’ll always be thankful to Brian for that”.

On only speaking in the Dáil once in the three years after resigning as Taoiseach: “Sure, what use were the words of a man who was Taoiseach for 11 years on the pressing issues of the day, it’s not like I could have helped in any way. You had this huge economic crisis and what with me being Taoiseach for the 11 years before it, I just wouldn’t have had a clue about any of it”.

On rumours that he sold his soul to the devil: “Now this one keeps cropping up, but no eye witness has ever come forward and confirmed I made that deal at the crossroads with the devil, not one”.

On not being asked a single question about the current Government and its performance by this paper: “Are you sure you don’t want the opinion of a former Taoiseach on how the current Government is getting on? No, nothing? Oh, okay”.

On being shunned by his former party: “You know, every now and then do you ever think ‘ah I’d love a hug’? Well, I get that now and again, a good old hug is lovely, but Micheál Martin won’t return my calls. It’s almost like he’s ashamed of all the good work we did together”.

On never wrong about anything: “I think it’s pretty impressive really, to know for a fact, I never made a bad decision in public office ever. It’s pretty cool. I actually have a solution to everything but how would I, Bertie Ahern, ever get a platform to air my views. If only I had that I could help.”