Dublin Father Suspicious Of Daughter’s Creepy Doll Collection After Watching Horror Movie



DUBLIN father and self-confessed hardman Kevin Ganley is growing increasingly suspicious of his daughter’s doll collection after a trip to the cinema to see horror movie Annabelle.

Kevin became petrified while watching the movie which centres around a doll wreaking havoc on a family in 1970s LA. Consequently the father of one struggled to read a bedtime story to his 3-year-old daughter upon returning home with his wife.

“You know I was thinking Sharon,” Kevin ventured to his wife while glaring at the shelves stacked with dolls, “that maybe Megan is getting far too old for this doll business, we should probably just, you know, get a priest to perform an exorcism on all of them and then burn them,” he added, masterfully disguising the fact he was shitting himself.

The committed father then rushed through his reading of the Rapunzel fairytale and declined to kiss Megan’s Baby Born on the forehead which had previously been an integral part of the bedtime routine. Kevin then made the tough decision to leave his only child alone in her bedroom with dolls that were definitely not in the throes of demonic possession.

Sharon, clearly aware of Kevin’s new found nervousness, gently chided her husband suggesting he had found the trip to the cinema pants-soilingly terrifying.

“Ha, would go away out of that would ya. Me? Scared? Of a doll whose sole aim in life is to cause terror and destruction?” Kevin said as he kept watch on the door of Megan’s room while holding a shovel ‘just in case’.

“Next you’ll be saying we should just grab whatever belongings we have, leave the child behind with her dolls and fecking leg it,” added Kevin looking to his wife for some sign she agreed with his excellent and fail safe plan.

“Do the priests do exorcisms after 10pm, I can never bloody remember,” Kevin asked his wife as he resigned himself to a life of being haunted by creepy dolls.

Annabelle is in cinemas nationwide now