Keyboard Water Protester Can’t Make The March Tomorrow ‘Cause He’s Busy Doing Something’


UNEMPLOYED keyboard activist Danny Kent said today he will not be able to attend tomorrow’s demonstration against water charges in Dublin because he’s “busy doing something”.

Two of the country’s largest trade unions, Unite and Mandate, are organising the march which will take place in the City Centre.

“Ah yeah, I had something planned ages ago, so I can’t go.” he told WWN earlier. “I’m sickened now I can’t. It should be a good one.”

Kent, who confesses to never actually attending any protest in his life, claimed his online work in the past has contributed greatly to countrywide demonstrations.

When asked to briefly outline his work, he replied: “Am, well…. I shared the Facebook event there during the week and pointed out a few legalities on my own personal page there a while back, but I can’t find it now on this phone….. ahem.”

Tomorrows protest calls on the Government to scrap water charges, which came into effect last week, saying the charges are unconstitutional and a breach of human rights.

“Sure, one less person won’t matter anyway.” defended the 27-year-old hero. “I invited most of my Facebook friends anyway, so I’m sure it will be massive.”

However, only three of his 576 friends joined the event, with 573 people choosing the maybe option.