Dublin Girl Finally Finds Perfect Small Bit Of Fabric She Will Call Halloween Costume


DUBLIN GIRL Emer Reilly has finally settled on the small piece of fabric she will call her Halloween outfit after searching several online costume outlets for the past few weeks.

“Found it you guys,” Emer wrote in a Snapchat to friends who remained puzzled by her cryptic message. The conversation then continued over on the Whatsapp group she shared with her closest friends:

“Guys, what do you think? Was going mad with the stress of not finding something, but it’s perfect,” Emer proclaimed as some of her friends tried to guess what the orange fabric, which looked to be some form of cotton and polyester mix stretching to about 30 inches, was supposed to be.

“Oh is that like part of a ninja costume? Ha-ha, that’s cool,” offered best friend Ciara.

The fabric, which will cover close to 8% of Emer’s body was evidently the entirety of her inmate uniform as she would be clearly dressing up as her favourite prisoner from wildly popular Netflix drama Orange is the New Black.

“Eh, Ciara, I’m obviously going to be Pepper from OITNB,” Emer added before being informed the character’s name was in fact Piper.

Several of Emer’s friends greeted the news with confusion with many pointing out the real possibility she could die from exposure to the cold, but ultimately supported their friend’s excellent idea, with Ciara even helpfully offering her orange sports bra which would go well with Emer’s orange belt thing.

“No, I’m all set with this, can’t wait now to head out with you guys,” Emer added enthusiastically.

Another friend, Ailish then suggested she could dress up as Red, another character from the popular show, before Emer corrected her friend stating: “isn’t that Morgan Freeman in the Shawshank Redemption, different movie, different prison, wouldn’t make sense. Plus isn’t blackface racist? C’mon Ailish!”

Emer then set up a separate Whatsapp group which did not include Ailish in order to suggest not inviting Ailish to any Halloween night out.