Tech Conference Debates How To Pronounce ‘Gif’ Correctly For 4th Day In A Row


gif or jif

THE leading lights of the tech industry have entered a fourth day of intense debate on one of the most contentious subjects in the industry today.

Trying to achieve consensus on the correct way to pronounce Gif, a bitmap image format, has proven to be one of only 7.4 million things people on the internet disagree on but this week’s San Francisco Tech Expo was supposed to change all that.

Many prominent employees from companies such as Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft stand to lose much credibility depending on which side is triumphant as do well known internet commenters ButtMunchCrunch, 69isfine and AnalCruiseLiner.

“Well, I know I came here for some serious debate, but we’ve been sidetracked after everyone insisted on showing their favourite Gifs on the big screen”, explained a concerned AnalCruiseLiner, “fucking cat Gif after cat Gif and the UN peacekeeping force’s presence here hasn’t helped at all”.

Those who pronounce the term with a ‘J’ sound have strongly objected to all points raised by those who pronounce it with a ‘G’ sound while both sides have alienated all Spanish tech experts in attendance who have bizarrely stuck to their ‘H’ sound pronunciation.

However, it appears the expo now in its fourth day of debating the issue shows there is little appetite for agreement. Smear campaigns have been engaged in by both sides with ‘Gif’ supporters labelled as ‘drug addicted prostitutes’ while ‘Jif’ campaigners have been labelled as ‘prostitute drug addicts’.

The debate had to be moved from Hall C at the venue following a particularly violent encounter between rival tech company CEOs which left the venue covered in blood. This was the 21st such incident in the first four days of the conference.

Creator of the Gif Steve Wilhite has maintained the pronunciation is ‘Jif’ but many prominent Gif supporters have insinuated Wilhite was paid $1 billion to say that by Bill Gates, a staunch ‘Jif’ advocate.

“We hope they reach a consensus soon and we do not appreciate the ‘bitches get stitches’ messages being circulated at the venue,” added head of the UN Ban Ki Moon.