Ryanair Passengers To Incur Extra Charges After Planes Collide On Runway



PASSENGERS on board both Ryanair planes involved in an incident at Dublin airport this morning have been informed they are now liable for an extra “Collision Charge”, which they must pay before continuing their journey.

An automated text messaging service informed passengers on the flights of the 68 euro levy, following the minor accident this morning which saw the wing of one plane clip the tail of another while taxiing on the runway. No passengers were hurt, although many have expressed annoyance at the extra fees.

“We were on our way over to Edinburgh for my sister’s Hen week, ” said Sheila Connors, who was aboard one of the ridiculously early flights. “There wasn’t much of a bump, we barely felt it. I didn’t even spill any of my Heineken. But the cabin crew told us we had to disembark and board another flight, and that’s when we got the text to say we owed Ryanair another 68 euro”.

The low-cost airline defended the controversial charge, pointing out that the terms and conditions on the company website clearly state that any collision between planes either on the runway or in the air will incur a penalty.  Passengers who were unwilling to pay the fee were directed back to the terminal, where a 55 euro terminal re-entry fee was applied.

At time of press, CEO of Ryanair Michael O’Leary was unavailable to comment on the matter, due to just not wanting to.