Sexy Irish Doctors Calendar Not As Sexist As Ryanair Calendar Confirm Women



THERE has been considerable confusion amongst the Irish public as some women who confessed to being disgusted by Ryanair’s charity calendar, which saw its female staff don bikinis, are completely fine with objectifying ‘hunky’ doctors in a similar calendar.

While experts have confirmed that a calendar involving women stripping off at the behest of their male boss is toe curlingly sexist, those same experts have denied men stripping off in similar circumstances can be on an equally sexist footing.

“No, they’re doctors and have loads of money and brains, whereas stewardesses don’t,” Joanne Lyons tactfully explained as she struggled to carry all her copies of the calendar, which is in aid of Epilepsy Ireland, out of the shop. “Plus, it’s for charity,” Lyons added, confirming a long held suspicion that Ryanair secretly spent any money raised from their calendars on giant phallic stripper poles for female staff instead of giving it to worthy charities.

Sections of the media have similarly confirmed the Irish Doctor Calendar to be ‘only a bit of fun’ and ‘for a good cause’ whereas Ryanair’s incarnation, which was recently discontinued was a clear sign of a dogmatic and relentless patriarchy.

As one leading website for women confirmed ‘it’s getting hot in here’ with the arrival of the doctor’s calendar they failed to lead with a similar angle when posting about a previous Ryanair calendar, instead favouring to speculate on whether or not the calendar was just plain sexist.

“Normal women stripping off for charity to be hung in adolescents rooms,” lead the byline seemingly unaware that all idiotic adolescent males prefer internet pornography involving unrealistic surgically enhanced women.

Many women have confirmed that regardless of the total amount of money raised by the doctor’s calendar, the money will be significantly less sexist than the money raised by Ryanair.