“I Sure Hope My Nude Selfies Don’t Leak Online” – Amanda Brunker


FOLLOWING the on-line leak of a second batch of nude celebrity photographs, Sunday World journalist Amanda Brunker has expressed concern that her own saucy snaps may make their way into the public eye.

Almost a month after the original batch of nudes were posted by an anonymous source on file-sharing website 4chan, a second tranche was released yesterday featuring intimate images of dozens of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian and Aubrey Plaza, leading to Amanda Brunker making a statement on the matter last night.

Speaking to nobody in particular, the Former Miss Ireland confirmed that revealing photos of herself are currently stored on the iCloud, where the majority of the leaks are believed to have originated.

“My heart goes out to the ladies involved in this breach of privacy,” said Brunker, who knows Bono. “I mean, some of them I’ve never even heard of; Kaley Cuoco, Victoria Justice, Hope Solo. These girls have gone from virtual unknowns to being among the most Googled people in the world. I would just hate if a hacker were to leak my sensational photos online, and that happened to me”.

Brunker, who only bought her iPhone in the past fortnight, went on to lament her lack of computer know-how, which could lead to someone with even the most basic hacking skills gaining access to what she assured us were hundreds of unbelievable hot images.

“Ugh, I just can’t handle computers so I’m not sure my account is even that well protected”, said Brunker, who knows Bono. “And the password to my iTunes account, well, I just went with my name in all caps followed by four zeroes. I hope that’s enough to outwit whoever is hacking celebrity phones, if not, then pictures of me completely naked could end up online at any time”.

“I’ve talked to my friend Bono to see if he can have a word with somebody at Apple, and my friend Bono said to just delete them from both my phone and my iCloud. I just said, ‘Oh Bono! When am I ever going to get time for all that?’… So right now they’re just sitting there for the taking”.

Following her impassioned plea to just give her some privacy, Ms. Brunker left to catch a bus that she could lose her unlocked iPhone on.