8 Things Only The Baby Of The Family Will Understand



AS part of WWN’s groundbreaking HerDailyEnterJoement series, we bring you the latest in essential lists which provide you, our readers, with a reason to live.

1. Such is the plight of the youngest in the family much of your hand-me-downs resemble clothes, but somehow provide none of the comfort or warmth associated with clothing. They are also sure to dissolve in the rain.

2. Unlike the middle or eldest child, you have come to accept your respective position in the family hierarchy. As the least favourite and most neglected child of the family, you refuse to indulge in the complex psychological problems that will ‘afflict’ your elder siblings.

3. ‘Ga-baa-boo-go-gaaa’, chances are if you are anywhere between 0 and 24 months that makes you the baby of the family and you might be able to make sense of this gobbledygook.

4. That feeling when one of your siblings pass away prematurely, no one better understands the joy you feel at being one step closer to the family fortune than the youngest in the family.

5. While specifically an Irish thing, the youngest in the family will identify with being much less liked than the family dog. Max the cocker spaniel doesn’t have opposable thumbs and can’t even speak for Christ’s sake… We know how you feel!

6. Dealing with the weight of the statistically probably outcome that you will be the last of your family to be alive. Enjoy loneliness and that impending sense of doom as you bury every member of your family!

7. I think every baby of the family remembers the first time they had to take to the streets in search of food after their older siblings muscled them out of a share of dinner. Johnny the friendly tramp took you under his wing and you never forgot his act of kindness. You also never forgot how to cook rat. Plenty of salt and pepper is the key.

8. Baby. Youngest. Ireland. Irish. LOL. So unfair being the youngest. Double LOL.