Worrying Increase In The Number Of Children Being Left Behind At Electric Picnic



ORGANISERS at Electric Picnic have voiced concerns today over the alarming number of children being left behind at this years festival.

Cleaning up crews have so far located 134 toddlers wandering aimlessly around the Stradbally estate, with the youngest believed to be just 3-years-old.

“It’s a lot worse than last year,” said contract cleaner Thomas Wade. “It’s a good venue for that kind of thing. Beats dropping them off at the seaside I suppose. I’ve found 12 already and we’re not even half way through the day.”

Last year 67 children were abandoned at Electric Picnic forcing organisers this year to erect an ‘adoption tent’.

“Funnily enough we were inundated with red haired kids.” said social worker Anne Power. “Many of the parents were looking to swap their ginger kids for nicer ones, so it all worked out fairly well.”

The three day festival, which prides itself on family-friendliness, seen a record number of revelers this year with over 40,000 tickets being sold nationwide.

Parents who may have “forgotten” their children today are being asked to contact the site immediately before their child goes through the events processing procedure.

“Children left unattended will be processed 48 hours after being found. It’s very important for parents to get in contact straight away when they realise they have forgotten their child.” said one organiser. “I know of two families from last year who are still trying to locate their kids on the open market, so don’t be careless.”

Meanwhile, next years EP tickets have already gone on sale today for those who still have money to buy them.