Israel Just Gonna Leave Its Stuff Here For A Bit



ISRAEL has announced today that it’s just gonna leave its stuff here for a bit in Gvoat.

The Jewish state is believed to be doing some refurbishments at the moment and doesn’t have anywhere else to put it.

“Here looks like a great place,” said the country, as it laid down some ‘protective fencing’ around the stuff. “I hope it’s okay. We’ll be back again for it later on. It should be safe enough here, right? No one seems to mind”.

The 1,000 acre area, situated in the Palestinian West Bank, will become home to numerous settlers and buildings that are just ‘in the way right now’ while work is going on in the main country.

“We just don’t want to get paint on them so we had to put it somewhere. You know the way it is. Nothing worse than having splatters everywhere,” it added. “Please don’t touch any of it now or we’ll have to punish you…lol! Cheers”.

“We’re serious by the way”.

It is not known exactly how long Israels stuff will be there, but rough estimates show it should be as long as they bloody well please.

The international community however, confirmed it is very close to writing a polite, yet stern letters to Israel asking if it could make sure, in future, to keep its stuff in its own territory.