CONFIRMED: Ebola Virus Spotted On CCTV At Dublin Airport


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CONFIRMATION is coming through from security at Dublin airport that the dreaded Ebola virus has been spotted on CCTV entering the country through the arrivals gate.

The Virus, which is believed to have boarded an early morning flight from Lagos, was first seen in the duty free area browsing through local newspapers.

“I didn’t think much of it at first.” said security guard Tadgh Walshe. “I thought it was lint on the camera lens, but once I seen it collecting luggage in the arrivals I knew something was up, so I called the airport police.”

The alarm was raised shortly after 8am this morning. However, it was too late, as the virus slipped through the busy lines of human traffic streaming from the terminal.

Sources later claim the Virus boarded a JJ. Kavanagh bus to Waterford, before getting off in Carlow to “smoke a fag”.

“I was sitting behind it,” recalled one passenger. “You could tell something wasn’t right the way it kept looking back on the road. The shouting it was doing on the phone was so irritating too – speaking pigeon English. It was like it was waiting for something to happen. It got out and lit up a fag in Carlow town and that was the last I have seen of it.”

Gardai have already quarantined the area in a bid to stop the deadly virus from spreading.

Residents are being asked to check underneath their beds before going to sleep tonight, and if anyone has any information to contact Gardai straight away.