Gay Couples Not Allowed Appear On Radio Without A Bigot, Rules BAI



Large sections of Irish society have reacted with joy at the news that gay couples will have to require the presence of a bigot in studio on the occasions that they express the view that being gay isn’t on par with being Hitler.

Despite gay couples inherent evilness being a matter of scientific fact many clearly insane individuals have contested that, contrary to science and the constitution, gay people are people too.

The BAI upheld a complaint made by a member of the public in regards to a section of the Mooney Show on RTÉ Radio 1 which purportedly made wild claims about homosexuality and equality, suggesting that a couple interviewed thought gay marriage wasn’t an abomination.

“I’m delighted that the complaint has been upheld,” shared bigot Maura Downey, “I had the radio on at the time and just hearing that couple talk about their happiness made me vomit. I mean I chucked up my lunch. And my youngest, Eamon, is only 9 months but I could tell he began to become more homosexual as he listened to the radio, it’s appalling”.

As a result of the broadcast it is believed heterosexual bigots suffered loss of income, discrimination, a denial of basic human rights and more importantly they felt a bit uncomfortable.

Mary, an enthusiastic and passionate bigot, was so upset by the broadcast she has vowed never to listen to Derek Mooney on the radio again.

“I cried for 18 hours straight, Derek seems like a lovely boy but the idea that he would let a gay on his show is just too much for me. I suffered 12 heart attacks while listening to that segment, I’m planning to sue RTÉ”.

Mary is just one of many who have suffered at the hands of the scurrilous gay marriage campaign. Just last week a bigot was minding his own business on Grafton St in Dublin only to be violently assaulted by gay marriage, the man then had his house repossessed by gay marriage and was subsequently held at gun point and forced to become gay himself.

The BAI refused to act on a similar complaint which involved a straight couple discussing their marriage live on air.