9 Signs Your Name Is Sean And You Study Geopolitics In UCD



WWN brings you the latest in the essential listification of every aspect of all human life and interaction. Our pioneering look at lists of things continues with this hilarious look into that strange yet totally familiar world of being called Sean and studying Geopolitics in UCD. C’mon, there’s always one, lol!

1) Do ever find yourself completing the leaving cert, filling out the CAO, completing a degree, then applying for an MA in geopolitics in UCD while also being baptised Sean? Lol, I know right!

2) Ugh, looks like we’ve got a major case of the Monday morning Evolutionary Economic Geography lecture. Stop! Can’t even!

3) Is there anything that says ‘My name is Sean and I study geopolitics in UCD’ more than attending UCD to study geopolitics and being called Sean? #YouCantEvenHandleTheGeopoliticsInUCDRightNow

4) Hey, is your name Sean and do you know your global economic processes from your global political events? Oh, you do? Classic Sean!

5) ‘Want to head out tonight Sean?’, ‘No, sorry I can’t, I’m finishing up my ‘Africa: Crisis or Opportunity’ essay right now’ Could you be any more Sean studying geopolitics in UCD right now?

6) Have you ever eaten in the UCD restaurant? Eh, Sean studying geopolitics in UCD alert!

7) Will your masters in geopolitics from UCD say Sean anywhere? Oh, I think we have a winner!

8) Sean, have you been reading Democratic Ideals and Reality: A Study in the Politics of Reconstruction by Halford J. Mackinder in the UCD library recently? A world class Sean studying geopoilitics in UCD display!

9) ‘Hey Sean, are thinking about a career in UNICEF or something like that?’, ‘Eh, yeah maybe, but obviously there’s a lot of thought to put it that sort of decision’. Eh, excuse me, sean.com/yes-i-studied-geopolitics-in-ucd/