“When You’re Ready” Voted Barmans Favourite Customer Phrase



THE results of a nationwide questionnaire given to over 300,000 barmen working in Ireland have unanimously voted on one very particular phrase used by customers as their all time favourite.

‘When you’re ready’ came in at number one followed closely by ‘When ya get a chance’ in second, and ‘Are ya fucking serving or wha’?’ in third.

The three page questionnaire also delved into what their favourite customer request was whilst working behind the bar.

“Mine is definitely being asked for an Irish coffee when it’s really fucking busy,” said long-time barman Jason Hackett, of the Golden Harp Bar, Clonmel. “Nothing tingles my bollocks more than searching for whipped cream when everyone is shouting at ya, except maybe being asked to make 10 specialist style coffee’s on a busy Sunday lunch. I just fucking love that shit”.

Publican Jamie Hughes told WWN that his favourite request has to be for overly complicated cocktails or shots from loud hen and stag parties.

“There is something about a bunch of cackling men and women that really makes you put that extra effort in, ya know?” he said. “Sometimes I pray to God, thanking him for my rewarding job. I wouldn’t do anything else in the world”.

Surprisingly, shop assistants have also voted ‘When you’re ready’ as their number one customer phrase too.

“It’s just proper etiquette really when addressing another human being for attention while serving another,” said hardware store worker Michael Kent. “If they didn’t say it, sure how would I even see them there? With my eyes? I’d probably just walk right through them if they didn’t warn me they were there”.