Fears For More Job Losses In Waterford As 40 Criminals Are Arrested


DRUG and money lending networks in Waterford are gearing themselves up for about 1,000 job losses as 40 major drug wholesalers were arrested by Gardai over the past month.

Union representatives met with senior players throughout the day amid the fears while the losses will be announced later on this week.

Criminals would not comment on speculation, but Mossey Kennedy from Johns Park said the implications would be “huge Bai!”

The illegal drug and money lending trade in Waterford currently employs 2,567 people, most of whom are young males with little or no education.

Mr. Kennedy told WWN he is now worried for his family’s future after giving 13 years of his life to ‘the game’.

“I just came into work this morning to find there’s no gear to sell!”

“The lads said there’s going to be a drought on for the next few months. Sure, that’s no good to me is it?”

The 27-year-old blamed the government for its lack of consideration for the hard working street dealer.

“This is all the governments fault. How am I supposed to live off the dole?” he said. “I owe me stones now bai! Usually i’d get a few bars on tic to cover me coke tab. I’m fucked now I tell ya. I’ll be keeping me head down and phone off for a while. There’ll be murder in the town.”

So far 17 wholesalers have been charged with the sale and supply of heroin, ecstasy and other drugs in Waterford yesterday and

It is estimated another 20 major dealers will be arrested due to being ‘ratted’ out by the group.

Heads around the town believe the knock on effect of the bust will cost the local economy billions of euros boy.