Middle Income Families Will Be Offered ‘Carbonated Tap’, Confirms Irish Water


IRISH WATER announced today it will introduce a ‘carbonated tap’ option for middle income families who are to pay more for their water.

The new tap will be fitted free of charge by the company in a bid to appease high earning households who have blasted the extra charge.

Complete with its own carbonation system, the sparkling water tap will be rolled out first in the south county Dublin village of Dalkey, before being introduced to the rest of middle Ireland.

“It will be like having my very own soda stream in the sink.” stated Ciara King, who has been living in the village since 2002. “My son Fiachra absolutely loves the glass of sparkling after Polo. There is something so refreshing about bubbles. I can’t wait to try a fizzy green tea and lemon. I’m totes excited.”

The news of the extra tap comes just hours after the government announced an agreement on the standard water rate.

Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan confirmed the average fee for homeowners will be in the range of €240 per year. However, middle income families can expect to pay double that.

“High earning homeowners will be charged more than low earners, but for a better standard of product.” he said. “Their water will undergo a defluoridation process and the extra option of sparkling should quash any animosity over the increased cost.”

Irish Water have also hinted at a possible ‘flavoured water’ tap for customers in 2019.

“We are looking into every possibility at the moment.” said chairman John Tierney. “Once we have grounded the system in place, the possibilities for increasing revenue are endless.”