Missing Girl Found After Frantic 45 Minute Search In Nightclub


THERE was relief all round last night as missing teenager Annelise Clarke was found safe and well following a frantic 45 minute search.

The 17-year-old from Moate had been socialising in trendy Dublin nightclub, Ampersand with some friends, who towards the end of the evening noticed she was no longer with the party, forcing them to abandon hitting the floor in order to find her.

“We were all fairly smashed” said Jules Hanlon, nursing student and bestie of the missing girl.

“We’ze were on the floor cos there was a tune playing, an’ I turned to Annelise to scream at her how much I love this song. But she was nowhere to be seen. I remembered her being with us at the bar because she got the shots in and I remembered she was with us when we took a selfie in the mirror in the toilets but had no clue where she went ta”.

Although it was initially suggested that the group continue dancing and Annelise would probably be at the bus stop later, it was deemed imperative to find her straight away as she had everyones cloakroom tickets. Hampered by unfamiliar surroundings and heavy intoxication, the girls began combing the area.

As the search rolled into its twentieth minute, many of the group began to despair and suggested heading to the bar to see if Ms. Clarke would have returned to a familiar place. Others in the search party found themselves distracted by the amorous advances of some of the nightclubs male customers, and were quickly dragged away from their would-be suitors under the promise that they could “shift whoever they wanted when Annelise was found”.

With the prospects of finding the missing teenager fading as the lights came up, a safe and well Ms. Clarke was reunited with her friends having spent the past half hour engaged in frantic sexual activity with an unknown man in the disabled toilets.