WWN Singles


Naive soldier looking for companion to talk and laugh with. Loves to paint pictures and go for extremely long walks to other towns. WLTM a girl in the 8 out of 10 bracket who doesn’t smoke and laughs a lot. Yes? Call 0878114466

Heavy dude searching for anyone. Needs to be in good shape or else it’s a no go. Looking for a special person to make his heart tingle. Is that you?

55 year old former cage constructor looking for a big chunky guy to give him a good servicing. Likes to get whipped and stood on. Contact me for lots of special moments.

Housebound mechanic seeks a lady to help around the house and talk romantically with. Loves nothing more than watching TV and reading travel books. Call me. 0878114466

Aggressive 30 something year old is looking for a challenge. Favours watching movies and sending letters over baking and is willing to buy a house by the sea. Interested?

Useless muscleman hoping to meet the kind of women who could oil this big boy up. Squats 2 times his body weight and can cook stuff, but not complicated stuff. Do you like stuff too?

Tiny babe craves a steady man who can lift her up and dominate the bedroom. Sexy and curvy in all the required places. Has a bit of baby fat which will be gone in the coming months due to an imminent stomach lift. No smokers need apply.

Post gastric bypass Breadman seeks woman to do untold things too. Get in touch and all will be revealed. Call 0878114466

77 year old widow craves the notion of penetration from late night stranger. Fond of animals, but not in a sexual way. Wants to hear you talk about girth ASAP. Call 0878114466

4 stocky dudes need to be punished in the bedroom. Will happily collect you from anywhere in the country.

Wide brute seeks sterilized male for fun and frolics in the sun. Lives in Longford Do you need me to watch you touch you as i watch us in a mirror?