Woman Makes Sure Everyone Knows She Went To Gym


‘OMG! so wrecked forever from the gym! x’ is what Clonmel residents reported the banner tied to the back of a plane flying over the town displayed yesterday evening.

WWN can now confirm that the plane was hired by Clonmel resident Amy O’ Keeffe, who wanted to ensure that the town was aware of her going to the gym

This act is a massive escalation from the usual spamming on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and shockingly, even Google+ that the 21 year old usually does.

She told our reporter how much she loves going to the gym to work out and better herself. She says she just wants everyone to be aware of this.

“If I check in on Facebook at the gym or post a picture on Instagram of my water and protein, I might 4 to 5 likes max, but by hiring out the plane, I ensure that not one person is left doubting whether or not I was on the cross trainer that day.”

A friend of Ms. O’ Keefe’s who did not wish to be named, told WWN that “she had a bit of a problem with her weight when she was a teenager and some buffoon mocked her a few months ago by saying she was too heavy when she was on his lap.”

“It’s great she’s getting healthy and all, but I’m worried about her. She rang 999 last week telling them she just finished doing squats. I am afraid she’ll turn into a self-righteous twat.”

Ms. O’ Keefe is by no means finished making sure everyone knows she goes to the gym. She shared with WWN her plans for the future, which included dropping leaflets door to door, renting a billboard and somehow telepathically implant it into every human on Earth’s mind.