Huffington Post Listed On Templebar Publicans 10 Most Disappointing Websites List


ONLINE website The Huffington Post has been listed as one of the most disappointing places to visit on the internet, in a new list published by a leading Templebar publican.

Yves Van Michel, proprietor of Setanta O’Malleys Good Ol’ Pub and Tapas Bar, has slammed the popular news blog as being a prime example of a website that sticks its nose in where it’s not wanted.

“The Huffington Post should be avoided at all costs” said Yves, as he sipped a 9 euro bottle of Guinness in the surroundings of his genuine authentic Irish style saloon/ bistro.

“This small minded website caters to visitors competing to see how intelligent, they can appear by posting links to articles on their Facebook profiles. You can get better news and opinions literally anywhere else on the internet”.

The publican went on to state that his opinion is shared by many of his fellow vintners; particularly those in the tourist friendly Temple bar area.

“Ask any businessman in Templebar about the Huffington Post and they’ll tell you the same thing” said the Algerian mogul, behind the counter of the Owen Roe O’Neill shot bar in the VIP Karaoke section on the third floor of his establishment.

“Go next door to the St. Columcille Lazer Quest/ All You Can Eat Mexican Buffet, or up the road to the Peig Sayers Traditional Gentlemen’s Club and Casino and ask them what they think about the Huffington Post. It’s just a terrible website”.

Van Michels list of disappointing websites also includes Huffington Post Canada, Huffington Post UK,, and Huffington Post Maghreb.