Drinking Alcohol While On Antibiotics Declared Perfectly Safe By Lads In Pub



The negative effects of consuming alcoholic beverages while on antibiotics have been dismissed as myth by a pack of lads in a pub on Saturday night.

The report was instigated when public house stalwart Sean Glynn declined to join the others in a round, claiming he was on a course of antibiotics for an unnamed illness which is rumoured to be venereal in nature.

Unwilling to have a sober member in the group on a night out, the rest of the men quickly organised a medical discussion and began work on a presentation to assure Sean that he would be perfectly fine.

“There’s a lot of talk about drinking while on antibiotics, most of it stressing how unsafe it is,” said group spokesperson Jimmy The Bollix O’Neill.

“People get too hung up on what they see on the medicine bottle or what the doctor tells them. The fact remains that I personally drank while on antibiotics when I got a tooth out last year, and I was grand”.

O’Neill went on to stress that another member of the group, Paudy (no last name given) drank freely during a course of antibiotics while battling a persistent cyst over a six-week period.

Faced with such compelling medical evidence, the friends were able to convince a hesitant Sean, who has been missing since Saturday, to stop worrying and quote unquote “get the fuckin’ beer in”.