JJ Abrams to Assist Malaysian Airline Authorities With ‘Lost’ Flight MH370



DIRECTOR JJ Abrams has agreed to assist Malaysian airline authorities in their search for missing flight MH370.

Following days of investigations leading nowhere, the 47-year-old flew into the capital Kuala Lumpur earlier this morning to aid in the search.

“We have already exhausted our resources.” stated lead investigator Azharuddin Abdul Rahman. “Due to Mr. Abrams extensive research for the TV program LOST, we figured he might be of benefit in the search.”

It is now believed the flight may have survivors on board as relatives and friends have claimed that passengers’ phones are still on and ringing.

“They could be on a remote island somewhere.” said director Abrams. “The Pacific is a vast ocean, and there are many islands in the area where the flight passed over. Tomorrow I will board a search flight over potential hotspots, similar to the one in my hit TV show LOST, which can be still found on Netflix.”

Meanwhile, Malaysian officials have widened the search area, stating they haven’t ruled out a possible cross over to a parallel universe somewhere.

Flight MH370 disappeared from the radar with 239 people on board at 2.40am local time on Saturday.