Waitress To Stand By Until Your Mouth Is Full Before Asking If You’re ‘OK’


A DUBLIN city-centre waitress is currently standing by for several of her customers to fill their mouths with food before approaching them to ask if they’re ‘ok for everything’.

Una Zladawich, originally from not here, admitted to WWN today that she purposely stands by in wait, just to watch the stupid reply attempts by people trying to eat their lunch.

“Steak sandwich customers are the funniest,” she reveals, while pointing to her next victim. “The harder something is to chew – the better the reaction.”

Una immediately makes her way to table 2 and asks three large men in suits if everything is ok. One of the men accidentally ejects some food upon reply, blurbing out the muffled sound of ‘It’s lovely, thanks.’

“Did you see that fat man, he nearly choked to death.” she jested, happy with yet another successful mission. “I remember this one time some woman snorted out her words cause her mouth was so full. Mayonnaise. Everywhere!”

Ms. Zladawich said she has been working in the hospitality trade for over ten years and loves every aspect of her job.

“I love the way you Irish make a bill gesture with your silly hands writing on an imaginary paper.” she said sarcastically. “Or when you say ‘when you’re ready love’ while looking for service. I love that.”

“I suppose, making you choke on your food is my way of releasing that built up tension.” she concluded.