Two Men Arrested For Improving Train Journey



Passengers were reportedly shocked and disturbed by the events that resulted in their journey on the Iarnród Éireann service from Longford to Dublin being massively improved.

Two men are now believed to be custody following their attempts at enhancing the experience of passengers on the 5.40am train by pulling on the emergency break chord and smashing a number of windows.

WWN spoke to a number of passengers who were said to be taken aback by the improvement in services.

“I’d often be shivering away to myself in a carriage because the heat isn’t working, but along came these thoughtful lads and tried to get proper air circulation going,” shared regular Iarnród Éireann customer Rebecca Carmody.

“I was just adjusting in my seat as it had a load of chewing wedged into the cover and at the same time putting my phone up to the ceiling to get this ‘wifi’ they claim to provide and I guess these heroes took a stand,” offered Brian Nolan, a train user of 10 years.

There has been little comment from Iarnród Éireann this morning, but they have confirmed they were charging ridiculous prices for a ham sandwich and admitted they may have been one of the triggers to the violence.

“I think one of them actually said ‘I’m not going to take it anymore’ and pulled on the emergency brakes. He’s dead right too, as the bastards are robbing us blind with the prices they charge. Now, admittedly the other guy was licking the window and had his pants around his ankles, they were clearly on something, but regardless they will always be heroes to me,” concluded Mr. Nolan.

There is little indication that the Longford to Dublin train will see any changes following the recommendations put forward by the two arrested men but passengers have suggested they may make similar attempts to improve the service.

“If I hear an announcement tomorrow about ‘leaves on the tracks, causing delays’ I might whip out my bag of yokes and go to town,” shared elderly passenger Rita Collins.