Mother Devastated After She Receives ‘F’ Grade For Her Son’s English Essay


Maureen Downey, a mother-of-three, from Clonmel in Tipperary is reportedly devastated after receiving the grade for an essay she worked incredibly hard on for a number of evenings on behalf of her lazy and disinterested son Conor.

1589R-135528“Oh I’ll be having words with that Mr. Hughes I’m telling you now,” Maureen shouted at Conor as he played a game on his X Box.

Maureen, who fancies herself as a bit of a wordsmith, disagreed with Mr. Hughes recommendation that Conor be held back next year after reading his latest essay which centred on The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare.

‘While Conor was given an F, I have only awarded his essay that grade as not to embarrass him in front of the other pupils. He may well have been deserving of the first ‘G’ grade in the history of education’ Mr. Hughes feedback read, leaving Maureen in no doubt as to the quality of teaching in the local CBS.

“Wait until your father hears about what Mr. Hughes said about you,” Maureen shared with Conor in a rather panicked voice, “he obviously hasn’t a notion as to what English is all about” she wisely surmised.

“He’s shown himself to a right Shylock character that Hughes fella but of course he would tell me, I mean you, that you have Shylock described all wrong,” continued Maureen.

So incensed was Maureen by Mr. Hughes assessment of Conor’s level of English that she opened her evening bottle of red wine an hour earlier at 4pm, just to calm her nerves. Once the bottle was finished at 4.15pm Maureen felt more relaxed and a calmness fell over her.

“Now you can tell me Conor,” Maureen said as she switched off Conor’s X Box, “has Mr. Hughes you know, ever touched you or anything? Anything inappropriate, even if it’s just a look you can tell me Conor.”