Skinny Jeans Brand Rural Young Fella As ‘A Bit Of A Character’ Amongst Locals


THE fashion decision by Portlaw man Thomas Long to wear skinny jeans around the village has branded him as ‘a bit of a character’ amongst locals, a source has claimed today.

Long (22), who moved from Carrick-On-Suir in 1992, was spotted two weeks ago waiting for the bus into town by long time resident Peggy Murphy of the square.

It is reported that later that night, Mrs. Murphy told fellow bridge players Mary and Matthew Purcell what she had seen earlier that day.

Mr Purcell recalls the conversation to reporter Paddy Brown: “Meself and Mary were chatting away when Peggy rushed over to the table to sit beside us.

“She said the ‘Long young fella from Carrick’ was at the bus stop wearing what she could only describe as ‘girls’ pants. Sure, neither me-self or the missus took any notice of her at the time.”

Sightings of Mr. Long in skinny jeans became more frequent over the past two weeks, with some locals hinting that he might be ‘a gay’.

Regulars at a local bar said he must have been given the jeans as a Christmas present from his aunty in Dublin.

“Sure, that’s the fashion now. All the young fella’s up there dress like women…….and the women dress like men. Thats the ways its gone these days: everyone dressing like queers” said Beamish drinker Terry Mackey.

However, some speculate the son-of-two may actually have more than just one pair of the pants.

“I could have sworn I seen him wearing a bright green pair the other day as I was off to get some messages in the shop.” Local abattoir worker Martin Cooney told WWN. “He had red shoes on as well. Red fucking shows! That young fella is a bit of a character alright. I hear he do be in and out of that sex shop in the city the whole time.”