Digital Artist Gives Future Impression Of What Kim Jong Un’s Baby May Look Like


A DIGITAL artist with a background in genetics was given the task of predicting what the face of North Korean leader, Kin Jong-un’s second child may look like, and the results are astounding.

Since the couple announced the pregnancy yesterday, hundreds of artists and forensic experts from across the state have put forward their impressions of how the world’s most eagerly anticipated baby will look.

After several hours of deliberation in the presidential palace, one facial impression stood out from the rest, forcing the failed digital artists to face a firing squad for their misdoing.

Jin Hung-Su, a 34-year-old graphic designer from Pyongyang, was commissioned by Kim Jong-Un to proceed with his masterpiece, which Hung-Su claims he did in just 22 hours.

It is believed the specialist works part-time with North Korean families to help them understand about genetic outcomes.

In a live interview with the central news agency, Hung-Su stated there is no doubt in his mind that the child will be male and probably weigh ‘as much as a horse’ when born.

“Supreme son of the leader will be bigger than life itself,” he said. “He will have all the strong characteristics of our great leader and will one day rule our beautiful state with an iron but fair fist.”

“In the image, the boy shares his father’s strong body and has his courage and intelligence.”

Such is the child’s strong likeness to his father that Hung Su believes there is a good chance the supreme leaders second baby will become a basketball star and be idolised around the world for his amazing talent.

However, following the state broadcast this morning, Hung Su was reportedly escorted from the studio by presidential security guards who claimed ‘nobody could be greater than Kim Jung Un’.

It is believed the digital artist was later made face the same fate as his previous counterparts. ..