“Its A Lot Milder Today Than It Was” Confirms Some Guy In Shop


SOME GUY in a shop earlier has confirmed that today’s weather is a lot milder than it was the last couple of weeks, hinting at a possible rise in temperature over the last 24 hours.

The middle aged man, known locally as ‘Terry’, told staff at the Centra inconvenience store in Waterford city that he suspects we might be in for good Summer this year due to the unusual bad Winter weather.

“I’d say we’ll get a good few weeks of it now.” he said while searching for change in his wallet. “T’was bitter enough the last few weeks and we’re due a good Summer.”

Staff at the store agreed it was that bit warmer today, but were sceptical about his Summer predictions.

“I won’t hold my breath.” joked till operator ‘Denise’, who was counting out the mans change.

“You must have been busking today, ” she added.

Terry later told WWN that he was neither a busker, nor did he come from a meteorological background.

“I was just pointing out that it was milder today is all.” he explained nervously. “I didn’t think when I said it that it would be such a big deal. Who are you and why are you asking me these questions?”

“Stop following me!” he added.

After leaving the shop, the phony weatherman quickly made a break for it to his 09 VW Golf, and sped away in a very dramatic fashion indeed.

Following a two hour high-speed car chase, the fraudsters front tire blew out, sending him careering sideways into a tree.

Emergency services were later called, but not before an apology was written out by the liar on a bloodstained handkerchief.