‘Shatter Gets Most Of His Ideas From House Of Cards’ Source Claims


As the fallout from the recent GSOC revelations continue, WWN can exclusively reveal that embattled Minister for Justice Alan Shatter is using Netflix political drama House Of Cards as inspiration for all his recent decisions.

Our source exclusively told WWN that the Minister was at a loss as how to deal with the ongoing controversy surrounding the apparent bugging of the Garda Ombudsman’s offices, that is until he began watching House Of Cards.

The drama stars Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey as a calculated politician who often speaks directly to the audience by staring down the camera.

“He’s finding a lot to identify with in the show, all that intrigue, subterfuge and lying is proving to be a great source of inspiration,” the source told WWN.

“I found it funny at first how he would sit there watching it and furiously take notes, but now it’s gone a bit too far. I’ll be talking to him and he will turn his head away to talk to his ‘audience’ and he says some truly offensive things about me,” shared the source.

Minister Shatter is believed to have adopted a more dominant persona in recent Government meetings in keeping with Kevin Spacey’s character Frank Underwood. “He really has got that fast, purposeful stride down to a tee in fairness to him,” remarked a fellow cabinet minister.

The Minister for Justice has been quite vocal on how he hasn’t finished the second series yet but claims getting to the bottom of the GSOC bugging incident is his top priority once he finished the last 3 episodes.