Astronomy Ireland: Full eclipse of Marty Morrissey’s forehead to be visible over Ireland tomorrow


A FULL eclipse of Marty Morrissey’s forehead will be visible over the Irish skyline shortly after daybreak tomorrow morning, Astronomy Ireland has revealed today.

Irish citizens are expected to do a double take when they see the forehead peering over the southern horizon.

Weather permitting, observers should begin to see Marty’s curly locks appear between 7.24am when it rises and 10.26am, the point of final contact by which time the top half of his head will be 10 degrees above the horizon.

By 8.30am the full scale of Marty Morrissey’s forehead should totally eclipse the sky putting the country into darkness for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Thousands of budding astronomers are expected to travel to the southeast of the country early tomorrow morning to catch the spectacle.

Marty Morrissey’s forehead comes around once every four years and numerous cults and tribes have been founded in its honor.

Observers have been warned not to look directly at the head as it can cause a heightened state of arousal.