Storm Sees Ireland Blown 2.4km Closer To Britain


The people of Ireland are now all too familiar with the sight of a fallen tree draped across a road or a river’s bank pushed to breaking point following the arrival of an unrelenting storm.

Storm Darwin descended on Ireland with a great deal of ferocity resulting in millions of euro worth of damages. The ESB is working round the clock to restore power to nearly 200,000 homes left in darkness.

The most worrying news to come out of storm Darwin is of course the news that Ireland was moved as much as 2.4km closer to Britain following sustained winds that measured over 100kph.

Met Éireann have provided regular updates on the severe weather conditions facing the country, but have little in the way of answers as to why Ireland has moved closer to Britain.

“In all my years at Met Éireann I’ve seen nothing like it. It’s terrifying to think that if this weather was to keep up we would essentially on a collision course with Britain’s west coast sometime in 2014,” shared head of Met Éireann Liam Campbell.

The Government have yet to address the issue which has left many members of the general public frustrated. While no contingency plan seems to be in place a number of conspiracy theory enthusiasts have voiced their opinion on the bad weather.

“It’s obvious that Britain attached some sort of pulling cable to Ireland’s east coast, hoping we wouldn’t notice. They are using the bad weather as cover and no is willing to see the truth of the matter,” said conspiracy buff Damo, before he trailed off while talking about Chemtrails.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has rejected calls for Ireland to have a dedicated Minister for Weather as ‘that sounds a bit ridiculous’.

More to follow as we get it…