Garda Ombudsman Offices Bugged, No Intelligence Found


A report in the Sunday Times yesterday revealed the offices of the Garda Ombudsman had been bugged, indicating there could have been a serious information breach.

The Ombudsman, an independent Garda watchdog, could have potentially suffered a major blow to security and its ongoing investigations as emails, wifi and phone systems have all been hacked.

In the aftermath of the discovery the Garda Ombudsman hired private investigators in order to find out the extent of the data breach.

WWN spoke exclusively to the head private investigator Murray J. Murphy. “I think there’s been an overreaction to the news,” Murphy offered, “our own investigation led us to the conclusion that there was no intelligence found in the offices. Zero intelligence.”

This reporter probed Murphy further in order to get answers with the investigator revealing the entirety of outside calls placed by the Garda Ombudsman had been to fast food establishments.

“The data thieves have, unfortunately for them, uncovered the largest number of fast food orders in the Dublin area but they did not discover anything of use in regards to matters of operational security,” concluded Murphy.

The Ombudsman refused to comment when contacted by WWN but our source within the body admitted that many in the offices are relived.

“One of them said ‘thank God I’ve just been drawing pictures all these years, imagine what they would have found if I did some work’ so relief all round, it helps as well that none of them have mastered the email-thing either,” our source concluded.