Tech Company Offering Some Vague Service Bought For $23 Billion


The latest news from Silicon valley sees yet another big purchase of a start up by a leading internet and technology giant.

First reported by Silicon Republic, all the early signs point to this particular purchase being a pivotal moment in the history of internet based business.

New Rise Blue Vision (NRBV), a start up which specialises in the aggregation of aggregation websites while simultaneously providing a news optimisation awareness plug-in facility software Al Gore rhythm, was only set up this morning.

Despite only being a company for several hours NRBV has now been bought by Google for the princely sum of £23 billion. Co-founder of NRBV Philip Martins spoke to WWN exclusively about the freshly inked deal.

“I’m over the moon, that’s the only way to put it. We were aware of some of the buzz we generated when we finished our about section on the website. We used words like ‘social’, ‘optimise’ and ‘aggregate’ then next thing you know we had $23 billion in our bank accounts.”

While technology websites and publications have rushed to report on NRBV’s sale, very little is known about what the company actually does.

“We’re paying for the future potential of the enhancement that NRBV can offer a variety of platforms with the cloud computing arena in mind,” head of acquisitions at Google Harris Logan shared with WWN.

Both Facebook and Microsoft were thought to be interested in the new company but were pipped to the post by Google as they improved on their competitor’s offers by $18 billion.

NRBV’s other co-founder Richard Bilge, also spoke to WWN about the company’s purchase and future. “We are extremely excited. After consulting with Google we’re probably going to ultimately create an addictive game you can play on your phone that centres around a cat who dreams of becoming an African American basketball player.”