Gogan Calls 2fm’s Decision To Axe Show As ‘Heterophobic’


VETERAN broadcaster Larry Gogan has called 2fm’s decision to cancel his weekday show as ‘Heterophobic’, claiming that staff at the state owned radio station were ‘fearful of his manliness’.

Commenting on his new time-slot, Mr. Gogan`said: “It’s tough being an alpha male in this business these days. Especially now that every second person you meet here is a raging homosexual!

“I suppose I am intimidating in a way, but that’s just good old fashioned me!”

Station boss Dan Healy has dramatically overhauled 2FM in recent weeks, introducing a slew of new, gay-friendly presenters, including Jennifer Maguire and Nicky Byrne.

“I understand RTE have to de-heterotise, but bringing in that Nicky Byrne fella to replace me is going too far.” said the just a minute quiz master. “What are they going to call the new show now, ‘The Golden Shower hour?'”

Sources inside the station claim that Larry will be moved to the weekend with a two hour show to be broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays, before being slowly given less hours as time goes by.

“I don’t want to be there when Larry finds out he’s not on the roster anymore.” said one 2fm producer. “That man is an animal when he gets going. He once put Pat Kenny through the canteen window because Pat dropped a spoon.”