Karma Catches Up On Karma Creating Dangerous Black Hole


A group of scientists based in Vienna have today revealed the fruition of six years in extensive research into the phenomenon known as Karma.

The concept of Karma, accepted by many as a way of balancing out evil or ill-thought out human acts with ironic acts of revenge or comeuppance has been dissected by 30 leading scientists.

Head of the research team Professor Erik Von Scaremonger told a small number of assembled journalists that Karma is in danger of Catching up with itself. “What we have with an entity like Karma is an agent of revenge somewhat, but carrying out these acts must see revenge eventually turning back on Karma.”

As a result this Karmic conundrum will, according to Professor Von Scaremonger, create a massive black hole which could have catastrophic implications.

“Yes, we will all die as a result,” said Professor Von Scaremonger with a chuckle, “right now the black hole is harmless, but to be honest, ” he added, “we really don’t know when it will destroy the planet, sleep tight”.

Karma has recently been making the headlines as it caught with Justin Bieber, Manchester United and the movies of Adam Sandler. Scientists believe its effects, although largely unpredictable, are generally proportional to how big an arsehole you are.

The phenomenon was first recorded during the Chinese Shan Dynasty around the year 1200 BC, when King Wu Ding, having treated his subjects unfavourably was rumoured to have caught his mickey rather painfully on some jewellery he was wearing.

The phenomenon continues to exist to this day.