Photoshop Named Photographer Of The Year


 The International Association of Photographers (IAP) has again voted Photoshop its photographer of the year. This is the third time Photoshop has won the award.
The 2013 incarnation of the award was revealed to the public this week after several rounds of voting and heated debate.

“Photoshop’s undoubted capacity to show us the World we live in, in all its adjusted beauty means we could hardly pass it over for this prestigious award,” IAP chairman Gustaf Ljundberg told WWN.

It is believed the ever prolific Photoshop is now responsible for 85% of all photograph compositions. In demand with the rich and famous, 2013 became Photoshop’s busiest year to date.

“Well, I don’t mean to brag, but I kind of am photography,” the elusive artist told WWN, “when you know that on any given day you’ll be asked to adjust the waistline of a thousand cover girls using camera trickery you’ve not only made it, you are ‘it’ ” continued the grounded photographer.

Public debate around Photoshop continues to intensify with many critics claiming the photographer’s work has become too generic and homogenised.

“Those who criticise Photoshop forget all he has done to highlight the plight of those suffering from the hilarious yet tragic ‘face swap’ condition. I don’t go in for all that Photoshop bashing, I mean, did you see his photo of Elvis and One Direction having a meal on the great wall of China? Stunning!” shared renowned critic Robert L. Tapper.