Further Outcry As Irish Water Spends €4 Billion On Biscuits


WWN can exclusively reveal that on top of €50 million spent on consultation fees Irish water spent an additional €4 billion on biscuit related purchases.
Embattled Irish Water chief John Tierney has leapt to the defence of his organisation’s spend on biscuits.

“Every company has certain costs they accrue as they initially set up,” explained Tierney when speaking with WWN earlier today.

The figure of €4 billion has been disputed by some media outlets but it is understood that there will be no further purchasing of biscuits until Irish Water goes before the Public Accounts Committee.

“Look it, there are always teething problems in the beginning but I challenge anyone out there to have a guess at what biscuits are preferred by their staff without prior consultation,” shared an animated Tierney.

“You have to bring in experts on these things. Did you know Jaffa Cakes are apparently biscuits? This is why we have consultants, to help us find these things out,” he concluded.

Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan has thus far defended Irish Water’s actions: “This is a one off cost associated with setting up an organisation such as this. Now if you don’t think this is working just have a look in the cupboards – wall to wall biscuits. They even have custard creams.”

WWN was unable to obtain the exact volume of biscuits currently residing in Irish Water’s staff kitchen.

More to follow as we get it…