Vatican To Change Internet Search Browser To Yahoo


THE VATICAN is expected to announce a change in the way it searches the internet today after using the Google browser for the last fifteen years.

A spokesperson for the state told WWN that an emergency meeting was called this morning and a decision was made by the powers that be to change over the main browser to Yahoo.

“Cardinals were called at 7am to Saint Peters to discuss a problem relating to the current Internet search facility,” he said. “There seemed to be an issue with the Google search engine and it was decided to update every Vatican computer to the Yahoo network.”

“There was no definite reason given.” he added. “It’s quite a strange situation.”

The Vatican has also ordered all of its churches across the world to follow suit.

“They just want every priest to stop using Google from now on.”

Four hundred IT personnel have been drafted in for the big switch over, which is expected to cost the Catholic Church €2mn.

It is understood that the IT crews main task is to delete previous search history material and transfer personal bookmarks and settings from Google to the Yahoo browser.