‘Collecting Rain Water Is Probably A Great Place To Start’ Nation Tells Struggling Water Reservoir Plants


DUBLIN CITY Council was advised by the rest of the country today that collecting rainwater is probably a great place to start with its struggling water supply.

Water reservoirs were said to be at an all time low this week due to the incredible Summer we had, and that from tonight there will be nightly water restrictions put in place across the entire Dublin area to conserve the rare substance.

Thousands of people across the country agreed that the best solution to the problem would be to harness the water that falls almost continuously from the sky.

“It just makes sense to take the fresh water falling down in a vertical motion and put it somewhere horizontal for later use,” said one genius commentator earlier. “The council should build some kind of open air funnel container to capture the water and distribute it to where it’s needed.”

Dublin City Council said it is working around the clock to try and solve a problem at its main water treatment plant, but restrictions will continue right into the weekend.

Council Engineer Martin Foley told WWN that they are now looking at plans to create a large ‘rain catching machine’ for Dublin and surrounding areas.

“I have no idea why we haven’t thought of this before,” said Mr. Foley. “It’s not really something the council would have come up with by itself. I’d just like to personally thank the Irish nation for its ingenuity.”

Meanwhile, the government has asked everyone to hold off showering until the weekend, as there will be ‘no one looking at you anyway’.