Parents Urged To Check Underneath Children’s Beds For Roma Gypsies


GARDAI are urging parents of small children to check underneath their beds for Roma gypsies, before putting them down for the night.

The stark warning comes just after 24 hours since a blonde haired child was taken from a Roma Gypsy family yesterday afternoon by the HSE,

“Parents should count their children in the morning, and then again in the evening time,” said Garda Detective inspector Larry Casey, who is currently involved in the investigation. “Families of Roma beggars maybe waiting underneath the bed or in the wardrobe, and should be reported straight away to your local Garda station.”

Experts here believe that Roma Gypsies are constantly abducting small children who have blonde hair and blue eyes, stating it maybe connected to the ethnic minorities genocide past.

“The Nazi’s killed over a quarter of a million Roma in the second world war,” said Dr. Aiden Quinn, a history professer in Trinity college Dublin. “These latest spate of child abductions are obviously some kind of sick retaliation against the Aryan race.

In a nationwide operation launched last night, Gardai are asking everyone to keep an eye out for fair haired children in the company of Roma beggars, and to report anything suspicious about them, no mater how ridiculous it may seem.

“God knows how many children have been taken from parents in Ireland who just haven’t realised yet.” said Garda Casey. “We ask people not to panic, but do call your child’s school every thirty minutes to make sure they’re still there.”

Operation ‘Goldilocks’, which doesn’t really care about the new childcare act,  has already received 20,000 calls from concerned parents who believe their children may be at risk of abduction, leading to another 450 fair-haired Roma children being taken from their parents by the HSE since 9am this morning.

“To say this exercise is a success is an understatement.” concluded a Garda spokesman.