Larry Murphy Welcomes Gilligan Heat


CONVICTED RAPIST Larry Murphy said he more than welcomes the Garda attention on John Gilligan this week, stating it takes a lot of the heat from him.

Mr Murphy, who was found guilty of killing several missing women by TV3 and the Sunday world, told WWN that he may even return home for the Christmas, now that everyone is looking the other way.

“This is perfect timing for me,” said the dashing Balltinglass man. “I should be able to slip in and out of the country easily enough now that Gillers is keeping them busy.”

“I love Christmas time, everyone usually gets so drunk they don’t know what they’d be doing.”

Drug trafficker John Gilligan was released from Portlaois prison on Tuesday morning, and is expected to remain in the news and media for the foreseeable future.

The Sunday world said it will feature a 144 page supplement on the Dublin criminals walk from the prison gates to the awaiting car.

“We have hired a team of profilers and body language experts to decipher his movements and gestures upon leaving the maximum security prison.” said Sunday World Investigations Editor Nicola Tallant. “We will go into every single bit of detail about Gilligan, including why he wore that light coloured shirt and gave a little smirk before getting into the car.”

“This will make the extensive Larry Murphy coverage we did two years ago look like a Daily Mail tweet.”