“Why Aren’t You lot In Work Today?” Taoiseach Asks Dail Protesters



TAOISEACH Enda Kenny, who was met by thousands of protesters outside Dail Eireann today, asked the crowd why they were not in work today instead of ‘standing around, complaining’.

Mr Kenny made the comments shortly before being quickly escorted into Leinster house by armed Gardai.

It is understood the crowd gathered outside the Dáil in the early hours of this morning,  for a protest against austerity, as TDs get back to work.

The Taoiseach shooed several people out of his way upon his arrival.

“Seriously, why aren’t you lot in work today.” he shouted. “I thought all of ye would have emigrated by now.”

Speaking to WWN, Mr. Kenny said he really feels ‘everyone’s pain’ at the moment, but urged people to stop their whinging and focus their energy’s on creating work or emigrating.

“Just because they have no jobs to do today, doesn’t mean I have time to sacrifice mine to listen to them.”

“There’s loads of things to be done around the country,” he pointed out. “Why can’t they volunteer around the community if they’re so bored.”

“Plenty of roads need fixing.”

About 50 people greeted TDs as they returned to the Dáil this morning with the intention to form a human chain around the entrance, but proved difficult as protesters were said to be total ‘pussies’ by Gardai, and were moved away with ease.

“There was only about fifty skinny tree huggers there and that hunger striker fella from before,” said a garda spokesperson. “sure theres not a fucking pick on him!”

It is understood that an extra garda unit has been detailed to taunt the protesters later.

“We’ll see if we can press a few hippy buttons this evening and have the bit of craic.” he added.