Curry’s Apologise To Internet For Not Filming Dancing Job Applicants



CURRY’S has made a formal apology to internet users today for not recording dancing job applicants and uploading the videos to you-tube.

Thousands of people were left disgusted after it was revealed the group did not bother to film this weeks antics.

“Its bad form.” said one self confessed internet troll. “You can’t just do shit like that and not record it on a phone or something.”

One job applicant told WWN of his humiliation at being asked to dance to a Daft Punk song during a job interview at an electronics superstore.

Alan Bacon had applied for a role at Currys in Cardiff after finding job-hunting ‘extremely hard’ because of the fierce competition.

“I was looking around for a camera and there was none.” said Bacon. “I guessed it was hidden or something so I continued anyway.”

Despite the humiliation of dancing for no apparent reason whatsoever, Alan, was rejected for the job.

“It was like the whole thing was for their own amusement.” he said. “They will get to replay my routine in their heads over and over again for the rest of their lives, and I wont ever get to see it.”

Cardiff Curry’s general manager Gerry Hatchet issued a statement earlier, apologising to everyone who didn’t get a chance to see the dance-off.

“All I can say is that it was quite hilarious and we will do our best in the future to record such activities.”