Limerick School Calls For Lunchtime Ban On Triangular-Cut Sandwiches Following Stabbing Incident



A LIMERICK secondary school has called for a lunchtime ban on all triangular-cut sandwiches from its grounds following a stabbing incident in the canteen area last week.

According to reports, parents have been told to cut lunch sandwiches into rectangles or squares rather than triangles.

It is understood that the triangular version of all white and brown bread varieties were banned on Monday after a 15-year-old boy was stabbed in the face by a more senior pupil.

The 3rd year student is understood to be attending counselling meetings since the incident.

Coláiste Mhichíl principle Thomas Flanagan warned mammy’s and daddy’s not to pack triangular shaped sandwiches for their children as they pose a ‘clear and present danger’ to both teachers and pupils.

“It could be a simple as a child running and falling on the sandwich.” he explained. “The child’s sandwich could also be used against them in a confrontation scenario on the school yard.”

Parent campaigners for triangular-cut sandwiches have slammed the decision and suggested that teachers should be armed with their own triangular-cut sandwiches.

“The only thing that stops a bad student with a sandwich is a good teacher with a sandwich,” said one parent. “Every teacher should be packing their own triangular sandwich in order to protect the class.”

Minister for Education Ruairí Quinn told WWN earlier that he will propose a motion to ban all triangular-cut sandwiches from state owned buildings from September, and urged parents to use their common sense when packing school lunches.

“I suppose stale bread is the biggest killer here.” he said. “You wouldn’t want to get the corner of one of them bad boys in your eye.”