On This Day 1937 – The Gay Nazi Pride Parade


From November 24th – 26th 1937, Waterford hosted the first, and last ever Gay Nazi pride parade on the cities quays.

German Party members flocked to the Irish city to attend the three day festival in defiance of their fuhrers political views on homosexuality.

Waterford residents lined the streets to welcome the large group of military men and women who sailed into the port in a large pink U-boat, which was proudly sponsored by pharmaceutical manufacturer Johnson & Johnson.

Mayor of Waterford, James Aylward, erected large multi-coloured Nazi columns around the city as a sign of diversity, inclusiveness and hope for a rainbow future.

Horses dressed as unicorns pulled large floats containing dancing Nazi officers.

Since then, rainbow colours have become synonymous with gay pride events around the world.

An estimated ten thousand homosexual gay Nazis marched on the parade on the very last day of the festival.

The parade itself was a huge success, but unfortunately so was the mass execution of its participants when they arrived home to Germany the following week.
Those who managed to escape, made their way back to the Deise to settle in Dunmore east, where a large gay community still resides to this day.