WIT Student’s Assignment In Jeopardy As Wikipedia Blacks-Out For Day Of Protest


A Waterford Institute of Technology student said today that a college assignment he has due for tomorrow is now in jeopardy as he has no where to copy and paste it from.

Carlow man Terence Hugh’s told WWN he was ‘in the shits’ and would probably have to forfeit the 15% paper which is part of a continuous assessment for the year.

“This morning I said I’d lash into it. Then I logged on to Wiki and it was down. I was fair annoyed so I was.” said the self proclaimed king of last minute papers.

The website, which shut down earlier this morning, will go dark for 24 hours in protest of something really important or something.

It is estimated that millions of students world wide will have to use actual paper books to compensate for the lack easily editable on-line material.

WIT librarian Johnathan Moore said there has been a vast increase in the number of students using the facility.

“The place is packed here today.”

“We had to briefly evacuate the building because of all the dust being shifted into the air.” he added.

It had been reported that several female students were seen crying outside the library earlier this morning.

However sources suggest it was due to Michael from Carrick going off with all four of them in the Foundry last night without them knowing.

His girlfriend, Tracey, from Clonmel was said to be ‘right pissed off ‘.