Global Cosmetics Industry Collapses After 55 Year Old Mum Who Looks 25 Reveals Secrets On Internet


SHARES in some of the biggest cosmetic companies around the world have crashed after a 55-year-old mothers secret to youthfull looking skin was revealed on the internet last year.

An estimated 400,000 people will lose their jobs over the next few months as a result of the beauty tip.

International companies Maybelline, Avon and L’ O’Real have all announced dwindling sales figuures since the mother of four began selling her secret in 2011.

A large marketing campaign was launched on the Internet in August, which pictured the woman peeling what looked like her face off to reveal younger, fresher looking skin.

Sources close to the her say the ancient peeling secret, that no one else in the whole world knows about,  has run in her family for generations, and she is not willing to share it with just anybody: just those who use the Internet and pay large sums of money.

In a bid to save  half a million jobs, cosmetic firms pleaded for a court injunction to stop the woman from revealing her secret.

However, an ageing female high-court judge ruled the woman was free to share her secrets on-line if she ‘bluddy well pleased’.

For safety reasons the judge also called on the press to keep Mrs Cain’s name confidential.

In Ireland, hundreds of young bleached-blonde orange-skinned Avon workers took to the streets to march in protest of the high courts decision.

It is reported the march later dispersed after social welfare detectives began questioning the protesters about their current job status.