Evil Bastard Cruise Ship Skipper Was Seen Laughing Just Three Weeks Ago


THE evil bastard cruise ship skipper of the doomed Costa Concordia was seen laughing in an Italian wine bar just three weeks ago, it was claimed yesterday.

Francesco Schettino (52) was spotted by tourists, James and Marguerite Smith, in the coastal city of Naples shortly after Christmas day.

The couple claim he was drinking and enjoying himself and seemed to have no regard for later events which have taken the lives of six people so far.

Mr. Smith said Schettino didn’t have a ‘care in the world’ at the time and openly laughed with friends and family members at an illustrious Neapolitan wine bar.

“At the time we were absolutely horrified by his behaviour.” said Smith.

“The sick bastard was joking, laughing and drinking alcohol on the night.”

“He had all the signs of a murderer written all over his face.”

Mr. Schettino was arrested yesterday on suspicion of multiple manslaughter and abandoning ship when the cruise liner after it hit a large rock and sustained a 160ft gash in the port-side hull.

Fellow crew men believe the skipper was showing off in the cruise liner to friends on the mainland.

“He would sometimes pull hand brakes and make donouts in the water when he was drunk.” said kitchen porter Ross Clegg.

Passengers who were onboard the ship said the skipper had a really dark complection with even darker eyes, and some said he looked like a villian from a James Bond movie.

“There was just something about him I didn’t like.”

“The white Captains suit didn’t help his appearance either.” said one slightly racist man.

Francesco Schettino is due to be tried by the media over the next couple of months.