Tracey Wasn’t Generous And Never Had A Smile On Her Face, Say Friends Of Murder Victim

FRIENDS and colleagues of murder victim Tracey Cook said today she never had a smile on her face, wasn’t generous and not once in her life put anyone before herself.

Ms Cooks sister, Michelle, said the 38-year-old stabbing victim was probably the most selfish person she had ever met and could not believe that someone would bother to stab her 74 times.

“It’s just odd. Anytime you’d hear about someone being killed they would always say afterwards that ‘they were always the life and soul of the party’ or ‘would do anything for anybody’.

“But not our Tracey. She wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire!” she added.

The day before her murder, Tracey and her work colleagues attended a paint-ball team-building exercise in Wiclow.

Long time friend Ken Carrick said Tracey and their other team members went for a few pints after they were finished shooting: “We were doing rounds and then when it came to happy (Tracey) she said she had no money left.

“It was always the same with that miserable bitch.”

Tens of people attended the funeral mass today where her father, John, spoke a few words.

“It’s just strange someone would take the time to do something like this to my Tracey” said Mr.Cook, a retired english teacher who knew his daughter since birth. “Everything you’ve heard about her is true. She was incredibly mean and probably the most talentless member of the family.”

Neighbours said Tracey lived alone in her first-floor apartment in Dundrum, south county Dublin

The call centre worker was found brutally stabbed to death in her home on Monday.

Gardai told WWN today that the list of suspects are endless, and were not very confident about finding Tracey’s killer.